Dante Church of God was chartered in 1953. Rev. Wayne Mowery was the founding pastor, at this time the church was located across the street.

In 1966 Rev. Noah Allen become the Pastor, and it was under his direction that a new church was built. After the church was built there was a six week revival where souls were saved and people joined the church.

But the building didn't stop there. In 2003, Rev. David Snyder became the Pastor and no one could even imagine all that God had in store. As the worship services grew throughout the years and the need for a larger church became apparent property was purchased. Then, in 2018, the present Worship Center was completed, providing the capacity to grow to approximately 500 in attendance.

But the richest part of Dante’s history has always been its people – who throughout the years have learned that real strength is found in prayer & serving, and only that which is done for Christ will last.