Next Steps

New Here?

Our Next Step classes are offered to anyone who has just came to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, or is interested in knowing more about our church here at Dante Church of God. These Next Steps classes will consist of four 30-45 minute classes where will discuss the basic fundamentals of our faith, who we are, church structure, and the church body. By choosing to be apart of these four powerful classes you are choosing to be apart of the Movement of God on the Earth.

What Do We Beleive?

We will tell the fundamental pillars of Christianity, (salvation, sanctification, spirit baptism, water baptism, etc.) and how these relate to our lives today. We will tell who God is and how He has revealed Himself, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We will explain the meaning of the Trinity, and how each representation of the Trinity operates in our lives daily. 
We will also explain the practical commitments of what a follower of Christ is like in today’s world. 

Who Are We A Part Of?


We will explain our local church structure, (lead pastor, staff, elders, ministry leaders, etc.) 
We will also explain our denominational affiliation and give an overview of our Declaration of Faith.

Where Do I Fit?

This portion of the program we will give you a spiritual gifts test to help you discover your gifts, both obvious and hidden, that God has given you for His Kingdom work.
We will provide you with an overview and a list of the different ministries offered at Dante to give you an idea of where your gifts can be utilized. 

When Do I Start?

This is the celebration! By this time we believe that you should have a firm grasp of what we believe, who we are, and where we all fit in the body. The last component is to finding the time to start. 
This is a time that you will hopefully pick a ministry that you would love to be apart of, (greeters, children, youth, prevetion team, music, ushers, recovery, outreach, etc.) 
To finish it all, the teacher, under the direction and approval of the Senior Pastor, will give you and the other members of the class a chance to join the church by reciting the Church of God practical commitments oath, which would effectively make you a member of Dante Church of God. 

My Next Step

Let us know you will be joining our classes by texting the word "NEXTSTEPS" to 865-269- 3146 or by fillikng out our online form MY NEXT STEP.  We look forward to connecting with and seeing what God is going to do in your life.

Classes begin May 4th, 2019 in Building 410 at 9:30AM.